ExploreAP Screencast: in! The Official Site of Asbury Park

Hi all!

I wanted to make a screencast in order to tell you guys a bit about a wonderful resource, in!, The Official Site of Asbury Park. The website is super easy to navigate: on the left-hand side, you will see a residential news tab which, for many of you, will be irrelevant. Next, a myriad of links are supplied to varying sites that are pertinent to all-things Asbury Park. In the center, a site visitor will be graced by the presence of local news stories; very useful for those who want to be in the know!

The right-hand side supplies a weather widget, allowing individuals to grasp just how warm (or, in our current case.. cold!) it is in town; perhaps a weekend trip is being planned and this tool is quite useful! An extraordinarily practical facet of the website is the weekly email subscription. In order to receive updates to, as the website explains, “AP’s cultural scene, events, attractions, & more”, simply * click* the “Subscribe Now” button in the upper right-hand corner of the website. If email lists aren’t your thing (I know, I know, SO many emails to sift through each morning…), one may also visit the website’s municipal and event calendar in order to view upcoming shows, films, and benefits, among a slew of other fantastic and entertaining happenings.

I hope you find my video to be useful and that you can utilize this tool in order to begin planning your very own adventure in Asbury Park!

Venue Highlight: Asbury Lanes

Asbury Lanes is one of many fantastic venues in town and a personal favorite of mine.  The establishment is a bowling alley, bar, and venue, all in one!

Matt Pryor (The Get Up Kids, The New Amsterdams) headlines the Lanes May 10; supporting act, Blue of Colors, will accompany the aforementioned artist.
Pryor’s most recent release, “Wrist Slitter”, has amassed quite the following; recently, he hit the Lanes with Max Bemis (Say Anything), Sherri Dupree-Bemis (Eisley), and Merriment. What a show it was!


Matt Pryor and Blue of Colors play the Lanes on May 10th. Tickets will put you back about $12– have you purchased yours yet?  Definitely a show you won’t want to miss; have a drink, sing some songs, and enjoy yourself!

Take a peek at Pryor’s “Kinda Go To Pieces” (initial podcast song) in full below:

Songs utilized for the podcast were Matt Pryor’s “Kinda Go To Pieces” and “Ghost Town” by Blue of Colors.

What, where, why…

Hi readers!

This blog will focus on the adventures that await one in Asbury Park, NJ.

My reasoning for creating such a blog is to remind myself that I need not travel to outlandish areas or far-off lands in order to meet great people, experience beautiful art, taste terrific food, and have fun.  Inspiration is close to home; Asbury Park is the very stomping-grounds of movers and shakers, so dive in!  Indulging in a town I am quite fond of will prompt both social and personal growth.


The blog will act as a personal encouraging factor and constant reminder that you can construct your own enticing experiences.  Future escapades will be posted in advance and transpire; once posted, I will commit to participating!

Hope you enjoy and embark on some of your OWN AP adventures!

– jm